transplanting and growing system that takes care of your time and money

SmartyCoir system is a set of open top grow bags with specially formed compressed and dehydrated highest quality coconut coir substrate. SmartyCoir allows you to transplant 5-10 times faster comparing to traditional grow bags and standard transplanting methods.

Substrate is enclosed in UV-protected plastic bags. A perfect mixture of coco coir chips and coco pith is prepared specially to accommodate the needs of a particular plant and encourage root development.

5-10 times faster transplanting of plants

Significant reduction of manual labor and associated costs

Transplanting directly on the site

Easy transportation thanks to lightweight and compact container and substrate

Composition of the substrate is specially selected for healthy root development and reliable drainage

Throughout the whole growing period: from small seedlings to fully developed


Why is SmartCoir effective?

On average


times faster transplanting of plants comparing to standard methods

On average


hours of work per hectare are saved when transplanting using the SmartCoir system

You need only


person to transplant plants of any size

With SmartyCoir:

  • No more being physically exhausted after transplanting
  • No need to dig the substrate with your hands
  • No need to remove the substrate from the container and add it back
  • No more dealing with the remaining after transplanting substrate 
  • No need to align the plants in the container
  • No more moving of the substrate and plants to the transplanting site and back
  • No need to hire staff specifically for transplanting

Why we created SmartyCoir?

Growing blueberry and other plants ourselves, we realise the importance of efficiency in horticulture and offer practical ready-to-use solutions. Our goal was to help ourselves and other growers lower labour costs and save time when transplanting or setting up a plantation. 

We created a product that makes transplanting almost effortless by combining the benefits of coco coir with a simple and effective design. SmartyCoir is an exclusive and innovative patent-pending system that takes intensive growing market by storm.


How it works


Take the plant out of the old container and place it into a special pocket inside the starting SmartyCoir container.


Add water to the substrate using your own irrigation setup or the SmartyRehydrate system. SmartyRehydrate will make sure that the substrate is rehydrated precisely and evenly, decreasing labour needs even more. 


Substrate will expand as water is added. We will provide you with an in-depth guide on rehydration times depending on the SmartyCoir size you choose. If you decide to purchase unwashed/untreated products, we will also provide you with a guide to washing and buffering your substrate. 


We will prepare the next transplanting step while your plants are enjoying their new environment and growing. Once they are rooted enough, you can transplant them into the next SmartyCoir container. 


For which plants is SmartCoir suitable?

Any perennial plant that can be grown in containers or hydroponically and needs to be transplanted will benefit from SmartCoir system.

A few examples of such plants:


SmartCoir is the result of research

SmartCoir is patent-pending and can be bought only with Lucky Plants. It was developed with the support of Flanders Department of Innovation (Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen) and Agropolis incubator


Our specialists will help you save time and money when expanding your current or setting up a new plantation!