What are pressed bales of coconut substrate?

Coco coir bale is a high-quality substrate that comes in dehydrated and compressed form for easy and cost-effective transportation.

When water is added, the substrate expands in volume about 7 times.

The perfect blend of coconut chips, fibers and peat is selected specifically to meet the needs of your plants and stimulate root development.

We can prepare blocks of different sizes and compositions. Feel free to contact us for more details!


Сoco coir substrate for soil-less growing

The whole world is switching to coconut substrate for soilless, hydroponic and greenhouse cultivation of many crops. The unique properties of coconut coir provide plants with an optimal environment for healthy root development and high yields.

Unlike conventional substrate, coconut substrate blocks are light and compact, facilitating and speeding up transportation on site. The blocks can be placed on the ground or placed inside containers. After adding water, the blocks expand, creating 7 times the volume of the substrate.

Our standard product is 5 kg bale, that expands from 9L in compressed form (30x30x10 cm) to 65-70L when fully rehydrated.

Product specifications

Size before rehydration: 30x30x10 cm

Volume before rehydration: 9L

Volume after rehydration: 65-70L

Substrate composition: customized mix of coco coir pith, chips, and fiber

EC level: unwashed, washed, and treated products are available. EC can be as low as 0.5. We provide clear washing and treating protocols for unwashed products.

Most of the properties can be adjusted according to your needs!


Comparing to mineral wool and other substrates:

Up to 6 months faster harvesting time

Higher total yields

Efficient use of water and nutrients


Our specialists will select the perfect growing media for your plants!